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Load dynamically Bitfiles for multible RIO Devices

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This example shows how to load bitfiles dynamically. You can load the bitfile on one or more targets. It is possible to load the bitfile on a local or on a remote device.


The attached example demonstrates these three cases:


  1. Open Dynamic Bitfile References
  2. Open Dynamic Bitfile References in parallel For loops
  3. Open Dynamic Bitfile References across multiple systems (optional in parallel For loops)



  1. The example Load Dynamic Bitfile shows how to run different bitfiles on multiple FlexRIO devices.
    To run the example select a FlexRIO device, select a Bitfile and press Load Bitfile button.

  2. The example Load Dynamic Bitfile Parallel opens and runs the Bitfile a Parallel For Loop.
  3. You can also run the Load Dynamic Bitfile and Load Dynamic Bitfile Parallel across multiple system if you replace localhost with an IP-address.

    Before you can run the example you should configure the RIO Server (1, 2) in MAX, configure or disable the Firewall (3) and start the RIO Server (4) on the remote targets. This is necessary because of using the RIO boards remote in this example (rio://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/RIOx).



Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware: any NI RIO device

Software: LabVIEW + FPGA Module 2015 or later, NI RIO 15.0 or later

Steps to Implement or Execute Code

  1. Unzip the attached demo.
  2. Add RIO devices to you project.
  3. Compile FPGA VIs.
  4. Configure and run Load Dynamic Bitfile.vi or to load the files faster run the Load Dynamic Bitfile Parallel.vi.

Additional Information or References

Example code from the Example Code Exchange in the NI Community is licensed with the MIT license.