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Joint Time Frequency and Order Analysis Tool for DIAdem

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This example program provides an easy to use, interactive interface for performing joint time frequency analysis (JTFA) and order analysis. The program is a collection of DIAdem VB script files, VAS files, and Scriptable User Dialog (SUD) source files.  There are two application versions attached:

Download File Name Supported DIAdem Version
time_frequency_order_analysis_081.zip DIAdem versions 8.1 and later
time_frequency_order_analysis_111.zip DIAdem versions 11.1 and later (2009)
time_frequency_order_analysis2015.zip DIAdem versions 2015 and later

To use this example,

  1. Download the attached zip file and extract the contents into one directory.
  2. Open DIAdem and run the script named 'Time Frequency Order Analysis.VBS'
  3. Click on the <Help> button in the dialog that pops up if you have further questions

For an online tutorial using the most recent version of the tool, see Joint Time Frequency and Order Analysis Tool for DIAdem.

Example code from the Example Code Exchange in the NI Community is licensed with the MIT license.


I am running DIAdem 2020 SP1.  I am trying to use the "2015" version of this tool and am getting the following error:




The section of the subscript that is causing the problem seems to be in the object TimeChnRefs not being recognized as a collection.  The workaround I have found is to manually create a time channel in each group that has waveform data, with units of "s"..  After that, the SUD opens and the script runs just fine.  However, it would be nice if the VBS could be corrected to properly create the time channels automatically.  Maybe something in the SCRIPT commands have changed so that this doesn't work the same in 2020 as it did in earlier versions.