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Interfacing VIs for Vernier Biosensors

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Vernier, a leading sensors and transducers company has several biomedical engineering sensors that can be used by educators to teach biomedical engineering concepts by interfacing NI ELVIS II. In this document, users can download the VIs to interface with several Vernier biomedical sensors. This document is included in a free courseware packet. Download the Bioinstrumentation Courseware Packet now.


Sensor Specifications Description
Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor HGH-BTA The Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor measures a person’s heart rate by registering the
small electrical signals carried across the surface of a person’s skin each time his or her heart contracts. This signal is measured at the surface of the skin by electrodes embedded in the hand grips of the Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor. By graphing this signal, the heart rate can be determined.
Hand Dynamometer HD-BTA The strain-gauge based isometric Hand Dynamometer can be used to measure grip strength, pinch strength, and to perform muscle fatigue studies. The Hand Dynamometer can be used alone or in combination with EMG recordings for detailed studies of muscular activity. Measurements can be made in Newtons or kilograms force. This sensor can be used alone or in combination with other sensors (e.g., EKG Sensor) for studies of muscular health and activity.
O2 Gas Sensor O2-BTA The Vernier O2 Gas Sensor is used to monitor gaseous oxygen levels in a variety of biology and chemistry experiments. The sensor is intended only for measuring gaseous, not aqueous, O2 concentration.
Surface Temperature Sensor STS-BTA The Surface Temperature Sensor is designed for use in situations in which low thermal mass or flexibility is required. Special features include an exposed thermistor that results in an extremely rapid response time.
EKG Sensor EKG-BTA The Vernier EKG (Electrocardiogram or ECG) Sensor measures electrical signals produced during muscle contractions. It can be used for standard 3-lead EKG tracings or to make surface EMG recordings. Each of the three leads on the sensor connect to disposable electrodes. Above, an EKG graph is displayed, demonstrating to students the contraction and repolarization of the heart's chambers. A package of 100 disposable electrodes is included with the sensor.
Blood Pressure Sensor BPS-BTA The Blood Pressure Sensor is a non-invasive sensor designed to measure human blood pressure. It can be used to measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure utilizing the oscillometric technique. The sensor includes a standard adult size adjustable cuff (27 cm to 39 cm), pump bulb and pressure transducer.  A smaller cuff (18 cm to 27 cm) is available for younger students, and includes a pump bulb and valve.
Spirometer SPR-BTA The Spirometer can be used to perform variety of tests related to air flow and lung volume. The sensor includes a removable flow head (22 mm ID/30 mm OD) for easy cleaning and sterilization, and a differential pressure transducer. The Spirometer is designed to make human respiratory measurements at rest and during moderate activity. The Spirometer package includes 1 sensor handle, 1 flow head, 5 disposable mouthpieces, 1 disposable bacterial filter, and 2 nose clips.
Analog Proto Board Connector BTA-ELV This connector allows the use of Vernier analog BTA sensors on National Instruments ELVIS prototyping boards


Software Code

Extract the contents of the attached zip file into the user library (C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW x.x\user.lib) to access VIs that interface to sensors for the following measurements:

  • Air Flow and Lung Volume
  • Blood Pressure
  • Forces on the Human Body 
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Human Respiration
  • Muscle Activity and Fatigue
  • Temperature 
  • Voice measurements

These VIs are intended to be used with NI ELVIS II and Vernier Sensors only. For more information on NI ELVIS II, refer to the additional resources section. 

Additional Resources


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