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How Can I Detect When Certain Events Occur?

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This article introduces you to a Windows function that is similar to the poll function in Linux. You can use this function with LabVIEW to react when certain events occur in the operating system occur, such as a process reaching a specified state, a system event, or a mutex unlocking.

How to Use

The equivalent function that can be used with LabVIEW is the Windows function WaitForSingleObject. This function waits until the object specified by the passed handle is in the signaled state, or until the specified time-out interval has elapsed.

The function WaitForSingleObject is contained in Windows' kernel32.dll. The attached VI demonstrates how to use it.

Additional Information

Use the similar functions WaitForSingleObjects, WaitForSingleObjectEx, and WaitForSingleObjectsEx to wait for multiple objects, and to enter an alertable wait state, respectively.

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