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This Excel toolkit implements basic functions for importing and exporting data (strings or doubles). The use of multiple sheets and multiple workbooks is supported. Some other functions available are : print, copy, rename sheet, save workbook, calling macro's etc.

This Excel Toolkit is based on GOOP,which stands for "G Object Oriented Programming", a LabVIEW add-on.

Before using the excel toolkit please install the GOOP toolkit available free from NI (See link below.)

The Excel toolkit is tested with Excel 97, and should work with LabVIEW 6i and Excel 2000 as well.

For information on how to install the toolkit, known problems, how to add the VIs to your function palette, and examples please refer to the "reademe.txt" file included with the zip file. The "excel_helpfiles.zip" file contains an html help file for the set of VIs.

Philips Research, COS/TMA e-mail: martin.vernhout (at) philips.com

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Example code from the Example Code Exchange in the NI Community is licensed with the MIT license.