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Customizing the TestStand Login & Logout Procedure

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This example includes a customized FrontEndCallbacks which calls into a custom Login Dialog implemented in LabVIEW & LabWindows/CVI.  The login & logout procedure in TestStand is implemented in the LoginLogout sequence of the FrontEndCallbacks sequence file.  


TestStand provides built-in functionality to display a user login dialog box at startup or when a new user wants to log in.  TestStand provides the capability to customize this behavior by modifying the LoginLogout sequence in the FrontEndCallbacks.seq sequence file located in the <TestStand>\Components\Callbacks\FrontEnd directory. By default, the FrontEndCallbacks using the Engine.DisplayLoginDialog method to display the login dialog, which cannot be customized.  This example provides LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI implementations of the Login Dialog which you can modify.


Note: When modifying a component which is included with TestStand, follow the instructions in the Copying Read-Only Files to Modify topic in the TestStand help


Hardware and Software Requirements

LabVIEW Custom Login Dialog - TS2019.zip

TestStand 2019 or Compatible

LabVIEW 2020 or Compatible


CVI Custom Login Dialog - TS2019.zip

TestStand 2019 or Compatible

CVI 2015 SP1 or Compatible


LabVIEW Custom Login Dialog - TS2016.zip

TestStand 2016 or Compatible

LabVIEW 2016 or Compatible


CVI Custom Login Dialog - TS2016.zip

TestStand 2016 or Compatible

CVI 2013 SP2 or Compatible



Steps to Implement or Execute Code

  1. Navigate to Configure » Station Options, click the User Manager tab, and ensure that the Check User Privileges option is enabled and the Automatically Login Windows System User option is disabled. 
  2. Copy the FrontEndCallback.seq file and Code Modules folder from the archive to the <TestStand Public>\Components\Callbacks\FrontEnd directory.
  3. Restart TestStand. You should see the customized login dialog.
  4. To view the code of this example, open the FrontEndCallbacks.seq file in TestStand to observe the LoginLogout sequence that defines the user login behavior. This sequence calls the code modules located within the Code Modules subdirectory to display the dialog and handle the user login process.

Additional Information or References

TestStand Help: Modifying Front-End Callbacks


Al B.
Staff Software Engineer - TestStand

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