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This VI demonstrates how to save an array of pixel values as a color or greyscale image without using VIs only available in the NI Vision Development Module.



This VI was designed as a subtle workaround to not having the VIsion Development Module when you want to translate and save an array of pixel value into images.  The VI allows a user to take a standard numeric array and display it as an image value, either greyscale or color.


Steps to Implement or Execute Code:

1.) Specify where you are pulling the array data from in the "Read Path" dialog.

2.) Specify where you would like to save the .png file in the "Write Path" dialog.

3.) Run the VI



- IMAQ Driver (Vision Acquisition Software "or compatible")

- LabVIEW Version 7.1 "or compatible"


VI Snippets:

The first example converts the array to a grayscale image and the second converts the array to a color image.




array to color.png


Additional Information or References:

Some VIs used in this example are not available in LabVIEW Base. 

For more detailed information, see KnowledgeBase 388H6JKD: Saving an Array of Pixel Data as an Image without NI Vision.


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Active Participant
Active Participant

I think in the Convert Array to Grayscale, the top byte of the loop you use to populate the RGB values should always be zero.  The others should increment as indicated.  The top byte has to do with transparency.

But maybe it doesn't matter when working with pixmap data.  The upper byte just might be ignored.

Randall Pursley
Peter Johns

Hi,  I am actually trying to do the opposite. To convert video to 2D array. I have the Vision Development Module but I dont have the Image to array.vi example. Can you please upload it or something else which can do the job. Best Regards Peter


Hi, I am trying to find a comprehensive document on Graphics Formats VIs. Kindly direct me to a place I can find one. Many thanks and regards, Amel