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Connect Directly to a Microsoft Access Database Using Connection String

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With the LabVIEW Enterprise Connectivity Toolkit, you can access many different types of databases using the appropriate Microsoft ActiveX Data Object (ADO)-compliant OLE-DB or ODBC driver.

One database is the Microsoft Access database. You can connect to an Access database using the Microsoft Jet OLEDB driver.

Usually you can set up the connection by creating a Universal Data Link (.udl) file and inputting the path to the DB Tools Open Connec VI in the LabVIEW Enterprise Connectivity Toolkit. However, you also can connect to a database directly without setting up a UDL file. This example demonstrates how to use connection strings to set the provider for the database. Because connection strings can be difficult to use and using a UDL file offers more control over the type of access to the database, using the UDL file is recommended.

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