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Call a SubVI Dynamically Within an Executable

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Say you created an executable for your main VI, and the main VI opens and closes a subVI's front panel through an invoke node. However, when you build the executable, this subVI does not open or throws an error that it doesn´t find it. What should you do?



How to Use

The steps to call a subVI dynamically within an executable is: 

  1. In your SubVI: click File>>VI Properties>>Windows Appearance>>Customize and check "Show front panel when called."  (Alternatively you could program this behavior based on where it´s being called from; refer to Control When the Front Panel of a SubVI Opens in LabVIEW and "How to Determine if an Application is Running as a VI or as an Executable" KBs to do so.)
  2. In your calling VI: wire the name of your VI as a file path constant to the Open VI Reference, i.e. errorlog.vi.
  3. In your builder: go to Source Files and include your subVI as "Always Included."

Attached is an example for LabVIEW 2018. 

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