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Enhanced Icon Editor

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Updated Icon Editor Files LabVIEW 2009


We have noticed some minor and major issues in the last few weeks concerning the functionality.

In particular, the following CARs are addressed in this service pack:

  • 151661
    • This change fixes the copy/cut ability of the icon. If a region is selected and/or a layer is selcted, copy and cut is enabled.

  • 161032
    • No limit on arrow keys moving text

  • 175010
    • When moving a selction and changing a layer, the operation is performed on the new layer

  • 179582
    • Glyph layer moves after deleting a selection (first edit to the layer)

  • 179799
    • If the bottom layer got deleted, the user layers list is not updated properly

  • 179392
    • Icon editor open on secondary screen when working with two screens

  • 179000
    • Switching the tab doesn't actually unselect the layer

  • 179001
    • CTRL - A followed by pressing the delete key doesn't delete all selected layers

  • 179007
    • The key binding is messed up. The mirror tool has set <Enter> as the toggle key, whereas the OK button should have <Enter> to set the focus.

  • 179179
    • Control activates dropper and not move tool when pasting an image

  • 180161
    • It is possible that multiple icon layers are copied in reverse order and neither template nor text layer are considered at all

  • 182276
    • Icon glyphs do not handle standard transparency

  • 182828
    • Manual User - OK button doesn't stop the while loop

  • 182893
    • Paste/Cut of text doesn't update the icon text

  • 182992
    • Populate can not handle folder with a dot in its name

  • 186982
    • [IE] Wrong Icon is loaded in Icon Editor

Steps to Complete

  • Download the attached ZIP file and unzip it somewhere on your PC/MAC.
  • Open the - located in the folder 'Installer' - and run it.
  • Please follow the instructions on the screen during the installation.

Additional NotesThis V

  • The only password protected VI is 'Unload'. This VI checks whether the Icon Editor is loaded into memory and if the case may be, it unloads the Icon Editor. This VI may be reused in the community if somebody else wants to post a fix / update.

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Nice.  Thx.

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Thanks for the update - CAR 186982 seems to be fixed

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