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Pulse generation when cycle time is not an integer (6602 card)

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We want to generate an infinite square-wave (Pulse generation) with cycle time that is not an integer value, for example 333.333333 micro seconds (frequency of 3 KHz), using the 6602 PCI counter/timer device.

Is it possible to do that?

We use our own device driver for this device, so we looked at the RLP manual, and think that it can be done by touching the Gi Command Register (Gi Bank Switch Enable).

We would appriciate any help about this issue.

Can you give some information about the Gi Bank Switch Mode bit? What will happen if we write "1" to this bit? If we choose "Software" Bank Switch Mode, while simultaneously using the "Reload Source Switching" feature, Are the Bank Switches automatically synchronized with the loading from Load A/B registers, or we need to make sure to perform the Bank Switch at the "right time"?

Since the frequency may be rather high, It would be best if the sofware will be idle during pulse generation (if possible).


Thank you,

Itai Handler


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