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NI-6250 stops acquisition in RTX 64bit

Hello Xie,


you can download the NI samples here:


Best regards


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Hello Reini,


thank you. I have already download the files and can compile then in VC 2017. But I there are a lot of link errors "unresolved external symbol", So I think, I need some lib files for the functions in common.cpp. Have you these problems and how you managed then?


Thank you



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You would think that NI would be following a standard interface since it has to work with Windows 64 bit. I will probably be using X series cards as replacements. I wonder if there are the same issues with the X series cards and RTX64?


You would think that NI would want their cards to work with as many use cases as possible.


What card(s) did you eventually settle on as a solution?

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I do not remember requiring any specific libraries. Everything you need should be in the files you download from NI. What are the symbols that are unresolved?

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RTX64 was very new at that time, so maybe they worked on that issue and support it now. I did not have any projects involving NI components in the last years, so I cannot say.


I think we used Goldammer cards as a replacement, but I did not have much to do with that since I was only working on the projekt for the NI part, so I don't know which cards specifically.

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have the same question.. did someone reply.?

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Hello smithclarkson02,


so far the problem remains unsolved.


Please describe your problem and setup in more detail.


Best regards


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