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How to simple event count and restart on external (e.g. gate) signal with 660x hardware and C/C++

I am trying to find out if a NI 660x board will be able to do a task fullfilling the following requirements:



1) software arm the counter

2) continously count a selected external (or scaled down 660x internal) source

3) restart/reset the counter value (or reload with "0" ) on an rising edge of an other external signal provided

4) software readout the counter at any time without disturbing the counting process (as can be done with "simple event counting", e.g. through Gi SW Save Register or similar)

5) set-up, arm, and readout the counter with one software instance

6) readout the counter with a second software instance without disturbing the counting process

7) implemented in software with C/C++/MSVC, on a Windows XP

😎 using Daqmx C routines or register level programming (e.g. with the use of DDK components "ni660x" and "nimhddk_visa" ) 

9) using a hardware on a PCI interface

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Check the post on at the follwing link.

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