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Slow Configuration Tool in Development but not EXE



We are having lots of success with DCAF. Hurrah! We have built up quite a large number of modules and seems to be running nicely.


However, we've recently noticed a problem when using a our custom config tool (very much based on the template) in the development environment.


Everything works lickedy split once built but, in development, swapping between modules in the configuration is very slow (1-2s).


I've narrowed it down to 'Load Node UI optimised.vi'. Any ideas?

This bit:




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Hey Nick is great to hear you are having success with DCAF. 

Is the UI just slow when opening or all The time. Are the modules Dynamic or you always have the same modules.

 Is the time slower when you are Loading Classes? Are all your modules built on the same version of LabVIEW. Something that could make it slower is for example if a module is in 2017, and you are opening in 2020. It will work but when its opening it it might add additional delay. 

If your modules are always the same you could add them Statically to your main App, similar to what we do with the include VI, and with that you force LabVIEW to have the VIs in Memory. With this the application might take longer to initialize but should run better. 

Best Regards


Benjamin C
Principal Systems Engineer // CLA // CLED
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