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CAN DCAF be used for PC based DAS or SCADA requirement?

I am newbie to DCAF, so wanted to know if DCAF can be used for PC based Labview 2016 DAS application  development?

I have tried downloading the DCAF Core along with Modbus on Labview 2016 and am trying to run the Modbus example shared along with the DCAF. The example is showing broken VIs. On project compiling  I understand that "Set Scan Engine Mode.vi",  "Set Scan Engine period.vi", Synchronise to set Engine.vi" etc VIs are missing. On diving deeper I understand that these VIs are related with CRIO. As I want to develop a PC based DAS, I suppose I donot need this VIs libraries in my labview. Can anybody please let me know if DCAF package can be used to develop a  PC based DAS   or SCADA System ? OR help to fix this problem and run the DCAF Modbus example.

Thanking you in anticipation.

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DCAF can definitely be run on a PC target.


In many applications, the UI runs as an instance of DCAF on a PC.


The hands-on does this in fact I think?

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