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2020 DCAF Roadmap



Just wondering if there is any road map? Or target release dates? There are 4 pull requests including my first one that is almost a year old. 

I am back using DCAF, and will hopefully have more time to do some pull requests, but want to check someone will be able to review and feedback.  I wanted to get my first pull request  #397 successfully through before getting too carried away. 






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things have been really quiet in the DCAF forum for a while now. I think the ball is in our (the user's) court now

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  Hi, Nick there has been some movement around in the NI development team so we have not been so effective managing all the pull request, I will try to look into them in the next couple weeks. 

Now as Mark mentioned having non NI people contributing would be great, its an open source project, and we have been considering making it more community owned, we are still working on how this would work. 

 So in short right now for the Road Map:,

  •  What we have is (get your pull request in) 
  •  Define staffing and community participation/ownership.
  •  Continue fixing bugs and support. 

 Best Regards


Benjamin C
Principal Systems Engineer // CLA // CLED
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I've also been waiting on NI to review a pull request from October that fixes an issue in the CVT module that was preventing initial values from being set on a target.



There are a few PCs (including a dedicated build PC) that have this fix, but if we were to reinstall the VI package, this fix would get wiped out. Since there has been little or no activity from NI on DCAF, it has left me wondering what to do. If the fix doesn't get accepted, then at some point I will have to remove the installed package and link our source to forked Github code.

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it would be good to know there is a DCAF champion at NI to at least process pull requests and offer a bit of guidance, put out requests for contributions / improvements the community, prioritize bug lists in the modules.

E.g. it has occurred to me we need a DCAF UI style guide. 


I have also made modifications - my concern is that if we all fork our own versions, we all end up hitting and resolving the same issues. With the delays in pulling contributions it means that using VIPM to distribute the modules is not feasible. 


i also have some improvements that would be useful - e.g. for the UI and FPGA module, validate the loaded VI to check for duplicate / invalid control names. Also there was a bug with 2D arrays that is easy enough for me to fix and push back. I would also like to disconnect tags where a control has been removed. 


My colleagues have also had a lot of fun getting DCAF running with dependency issues. 




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BeCeGa, does NI plan on releasing packages after accepting pull requests? My request was accepted on January 19, 2020, but no package was released after that. I ran into an issue where I tried the build from a new PC, but the package I installed (DCAF CVT Module v2.4.0.5 released June 25, 2019) didn't include the latest changes.



If NI isn't planning on releasing packages after accepting pull requests, I'll have to clone the source and build my own packages.
Best regards,
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