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Setting InputResistance .net DMM 4071

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I am struggeling finding documentation for the NI-DMM .NET Class Libraries 1.0.3


My actual problem is the argument value to set input resistance of a PXI-4071.


DmmSession.InputResistance = 10000000.0 (10Meg) works fine


DmmSession.InputResistance = 10000000000.0 (10Gig+) returns error "ModularInstruments.NIDmm: The specified argument was out of the range of valid values.
Error Code : -1074135024"



I'm using the latest ver 14.0 drivers with Visual Studio Express 2012 (VB)



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It seems to me like there is a bug or incompatibility issue here.


Even if I copy and paste from the help system, the error is still there. I have tried on two different 4071 DMMs...


Works with 10M input resistance, but not with 10G input resistance.

Both meters work fine with the soft front panel, also setting 10Gig inputs.



What can I do?

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Accepted by topic author janaf

10G Input Resistance should be supported on 4071, but is only valid under specific Function & Range combinations.  


I would do the following:

1) Check that the Function & Range you have configured should support >10G Input Resistance (For example <= 10VDC on 4071).

2) Check the order in which you are configuring the attributes: Function, Range, Input Resistance (or just use the ConfigureMeasurementDigits function which will ensure the attributes are configured in the correct order).

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Great, problem solved!


Setting properties in this order works for me:

        DmmSession.ConfigureMeasurementDigits(measurementMode, range, resolution)
        DmmSession.InputResistance = InputResistance


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