Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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Fluke 8846a power error

Hi all, im hoping someone will help me . I am not an electrician, but sell some things online.. today I had a customer who just received the multimeter I sold him. I don't know anything about these. Please if you can help me help him I'd appreciate itHis question to me was:the unit is not getting the same reading when connecting to the bottom front ports.The bottom right port is functional and reading when an electrical current is present. (Picture 1)The bottom right 400 mA port is not functional, power does not get to the test device and no electrical current is shown.

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Looks like the instrument has two groups of current ranges available through separate terminals (labelled 400mA and 10A).


As per the user manual, there are fuses on each of those terminals which can be accessed using a tool (not sure if it requires opening up the box). I would check the fuses and replace them with the correct ones and check if it is working.




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