Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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My DMM 4070 device driver sometimes doesn't work. I'm using PXI STATION 8176
and dmm
4070, installing DMM 2.5.1 drivers and the associated VISA 4.0,IVI 2.5 AND MAX
4.1,also NI-DAQmx8.3.All are in Aug2006 package. My working enviorment is
cvi7.1. The
pxi station ever work fine. But recently I removed all the NI driver and
After following the autorun in cd steps, the 4070 worked. But after I reset the
station, it can't work and dispaly "Driver device GUID not found error". I had
uninstalled the haredware from device manager and remove the dmm drivers from
panel.Then I rescan the hw to automatically install drivers for 4070 and
dmm deriver, reset pci, sometims dmm gets work but sometime i need reinstall
In the pxi station there are dmm 4070, switch 2503, dio 8508, and 8421.
The error message is like below:
Dmm last operation status: Driver device GUID NOT found error. please verify
device drive is installed and start correctly.

NI Software : LabWindows/CVI version 7.1
NI Hardware : Digital Multimeters (DMMs) device PCI-4070
Driver Version : 2.5.1
OS : Windows XP
Customer Information :

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Upgrading to the current DMM driver should resolve this issue.


A similar issue is discussed in this thread.

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Do you have a more specific error message? Without knowing the specific error message it will be difficult to determine exactly what the issue is. As Kyle mentioned, upgrading the driver may solve your issue, but even if that solves it I would like to know the specific error message you are seeing, as someone else could also run into what you are seeing at some point.


Where do you see that error message? Is it in MAX (Measurement and Automation Explorer)? Within your CVI code? Soft Front Panel? Somewhere else? The NI-DMM driver looks for devices based on Device Name (as configured within MAX), not GUID, so I'm curious as to where that error message is coming from, if it does mention a GUID.

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