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DMM(3458A) giving different format while passing SCPI commands


I am trying to operate agilent DMM 3458A remotely by passing SCPI commands..while doing that i am getting some different format output.and i also tried it using agilent connection expert..even that also showing some error code..and some times  iam getting some other error message like "visa resource timed out" can you help me out to overcome this problem..

thanks in advance..





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First, you posted to the wrong board. As it says, this is NI Product Boards>Digital-Multimeters.


Second, your query is just wrong. You cannot makeup the commands. As the manual states, if you want to know the currently selected function, you issue the FUNC? query. You get a timeout because the instrument has no idea how to parse the illegal command.


Third, why are you writing your own code when there is an existing driver?

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The 3458A is a very old design, it does not support SCPI.

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