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sample code for NI PCI-6518


Could anyone please provide me with a sample code to read the pins of NI PCI-6518 card. I want to read to perform a digital I/O functions.

Where can i find the circuit diagram of the connections?


Is the code for PCI-6518 and PCI-6519 , the same?

I am new to DAQmx, so thought of starting the work with a sample code.


Thanks in advance. 

Grugh Mike

Success is Everything !!
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The code for the 6518 and 6519 will be largely the same. I don't believe there are any device-specific examples, mainly because the general DAQmx Digital I/O examples all apply to the 6518.


The best place to find them is in the LabVIEW Example Finder. In LabVIEW, go to Help»Find Examples. Inside the example finder, browse to Hardware Input and Output»DAQmx and look in the Digital Generation, or Digital Measurements folders.


You can find the pinouts for the 6518 in the manual, here.


Hope that helps!

Caleb Harris

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i could find the "read digital signals example", but am confused about how to write digital signals.


Could you please provide me with a combined example.

Grugh Mike

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There the basic examples called Write Digital Chan and Write Digital Port. What is confusing?

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