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pxie-6556 delay between 2 dio

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Hi forum .

I have PXIe-6556, I need OUT ,in 2 DIOs wires, square signals and I need options to change delay between that signals .

I tried to run examples but without success.

I need it as simple as possible , 2 OUTs with option to control the delay .

If anyone has done something similar ? 


Thanks .

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Hi MaxKoule,


What exactly do you mean by "delay", and how long of a delay are you looking for?  What example did you try to run?  What version of LabVIEW are you using? What is your operating system?

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Hi JMunny.

I need to OUT 2 not depended digital signals in same frequency from pxie-6556 DIOs and change delay(∆t) between that channels.

For example :

                Chanel 1 signal start at t0

                Chanel 2 signal start at t0+∆t

                -T/2<∆t<T/2 ,    (T=1/frequency)


Example that i tryed : "Dynamic Generation with Data " in that example i can not find the way to change the output pattern and to change delay as i need  -T/2<∆t<T/2 .


LabView version : LabView 2013 Service Pack 1 , 13.0.1f5 (32-bit).


Operating System: Win7 , Service Pack 1.








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Accepted by topic author MaximK

A HUGE thanks to Dalia Russek from NI Israel Support !!!!


The solution is :

1) I create 2 waveform as i need in NI Digital Waveform Editor (attached TwoChanelClkData.hws).

2) Read  .hws file to LabView.

3) Insert "Configure Data"  and "Configure Data Position Delay .vi" 

4) Configure the "delay" , the delay is from -1 to 2 as DBL  , that mean the delay (∆t) can be changed between 1 clock period before to 2 clock period time after .

     *   Clock period time calculation : 1 clk period = 1/Clock Rate .  

5) Save and run new vi (attached ) .


Work perfect !!! 

Thanks again to Dalia form NI Israel Support 

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Thanks for posting the solution that you worked out with Dalia!

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