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pci-6111 triangular and in phase square wave at the same time

I have a pci-6111 and LV version 6.1. I can generate a programmable triangular wave easily but
how can you generate an in-phase square wave at the same time.
I originally thought that toggling an I/O line would be sufficient but how do you integrate the toggling
with the triangular wave generation.
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The graphs and charts in LabVIEW 7.1 and above can take multiple plots. If for example if you use the simulate signal express vi's on the block diagram you can specify through dialog boxes all the nexcessary parameters for your simulated waveform. You can wire these signals into a graph or chart indicator on the front panel. Essentially LabVIEW with merge the signals as they are of dynamic data type into the terminal of your graph or chart and present you with multiple plots/waveforms. I'm not too sure about labVIEW 6.1, what vi or function are you using to create your triangle waveform?
I look forward to your reply!
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