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USB-6501 with Microsoft Access

I'm trying to use MicroSoft Access 2003 to control the digital lines of a USB-6501.  Access uses VB for coding, but I don't know which version.  I have been able to control a PCI-6503 with Access but have had no luck with the USB-6501.  I've had trouble with NI-DAQmx and NI-DAQmx Base too.  Rightnow it seems that I can not control the 6501 with Access.  My skillset working with VB is limited.  Any help (keep it simple) and examples would be a great help.
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Hello George,

I am linking an example of using Microsoft Excel to control the digital lines of a card through DAQmx.  This also uses VB, so I hope it might give you a starting point.

DAQmx example

Hope this helps,

Jennifer O.

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Thanks Jennifer.  That did the trick and got me back on track.

George H

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