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Read csv file

Hi everybody,


I have a question. I am trying to read a csv file that has a large header (about 15 lines). After the header I have 4 rows of data. It appears that I can not use the read from spreadsheet vi; the output is just a single column.


I have tried the read from binary file vi as well but I can not get read of the text that forms the header (I tried it by adding the Match regular expression vi as shown in the vi I am attaching to this message). I think that if I can remove the text then I can just use the data I need. Can anybody give me a suggestion as to how to proceed here.


I am attaching my VI and a sample of how the data I am trying to process look (csv file) 


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This is not at all a digital I/O question.


Just use the Read From Spreadsheet File with a comma as a delimiter. After the read, you can use Array Subset.

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