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PXI 6512

PXI 6512


how many port and line per port in PXI 6512


i need the info to configure and digital an output signal





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got it in the datasheet


questions to ask


what is the function of the VCC at 50 and 100pins


how to generate a voltage from the same banks of ports

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Hello there,


There are 8 ports with 8 lines each.  The VCC provides a constant +5V as a voltage source/reference for external circuitry. You can find examples using the NI Example Finder in LabVIEW and navigating to Hardware Input and Output->DAQmx->Digital Generation->Write Dig  If you are programming using a text-based language, please refer to the examples by navigating to Windows Start->All Programs->National Instruments->NI-DAQ->Text-Based Code Support.

Roman Sandoval | National Instruments | RF Systems Engineer
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thanks for the reply


i am still blur for the configuration


what does vcc,comm and gnd means


do we need to input >5v to vcc to get a output com of 5v ?


how this really works.


what will be the connection


i just want to get output voltage frm the 64 pins




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Hello there,


More information can be found in the NI 651x User Manual (  Since you are using a sourcing digital output card, the VCC lines should be connected to your voltage source (+5V ~ +30V).  Please refer to Figure 4-5, NI 6512 Output Signal Connection Example on page 4-6.  You can also use pins 50 or 100 to supply the VCC voltage of +5V.  COM(GND) should be connected to the negative terminal or relative ground of your source.  Once this setup is connected, asserting or disserting the digital lines will provide either a grounded or VCC voltage.

Roman Sandoval | National Instruments | RF Systems Engineer
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