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PCI-6542: Determine location in waveform file where trigger occurred?

Hi guys,


We were thinking about getting a PCI-6542 to run as a Digital Waveform Generator to run a DAC.  But when external events occur we may need the generator to pause or stop.  I see there are ports that can be used as input triggers to stop/pause the waveform generation.  However, when this trigger occurs, we need to know where in the card's memory the waveform stopped (number of bytes sent since beginning of file).  Is it possible to get this easily from the card, or will it have to be done by some other means?  I can't seem to find a VI that can read back from the card where the trigger occurred in the waveform.




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Hey Ryan,


Looking through some of the property nodes in the NI-HSDIO driver, I don't see any Generation Properties that allow you to pull the last buffer location. This may end up being a problem that is best solved through knowing the waveform that is loaded into the buffer and determining what the last sample of the waveform was. I recommend combing through some of the options in the niHSDIO property node. A couple other questions that I have for you since this is a bit of an open ended question:


Are you interested in knowing an absolute location in memory, or are you looking for a generation position relative to your waveform?

Any insight on what your project is working towards or why getting this information will help your achieve your goal?




Sam R.
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