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PCI-6519 compatibility with Real Time OS (pharlab)

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I want to buy PCI-6519. but I have two question:

1) Is this card compatible with labview real time OS (Pharlab)? On the other hand, I have a real time desktop PC and I want to insert the PCI card to this PC.

2) Does this card has Earth to ground Isolation? On the other hand, Does the body of the PCI card connected to the GND of the card?


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You can use this card as long as the driver is supported in the OS you are using you need to reference the readme file of the DAQmx driver.


The NI 6519 has 32 channels that consist of four eight-line ports. Ports 0 and 1 (inputs) belong to the same bank, and Ports 2 and 3 (outputs) belong to the same bank, and inputs are isolated from outputs. Each bank shares the same common. The NI 6519 digital inputs and outputs are isolated from the computer power supply and from one another. Isolated photocouplers provide isolation

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Thanks for your helpful comment.


I have checked the following Link which deal with the compatibility of the NI devices with different OS:

So, the first question is answered.


But as the isolation of the card is very important to me, I want to be sure about it.

Have you already used the this card? or tested port-to-port isolation and port-to-earth isolation?

kind regard

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