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Control ACH580 Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) with Labview through (Data Acquisition System) DAQ system

I am trying to control an ACH 580 Variable Frequency Drive with LabView through a (Data Acquisition System) DAQ. However, I am not sure how I should connect the  VFD to the DAQ system. Could anyone assist me with trying to accomplish this?


Here is an image of the connections on the VFD:



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You have to tell us the DAQ model you have and what signals of the VFD need connections to DAQ.

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I have a NI-CRIO-9035 and NI-9145, the cards on these compact controllers are NI 9216, 9208, 9266, 9476, 9205, 9214, and 9226. I am not sure what signals on the VFD need connection to communicate with Labview.

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