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Customize the LabVIEW Project Explorer Using the Project Provider Framework

The LabVIEW Project Provider Framework is a previously internal-only feature for adding additional functionality to the LabVIEW Project Explorer.  With it you can do things like add new items to the project window and modify existing items by adding extra right-click menu options, glyphs to the icons, extra toolbars, etc.  It is an advanced feature and suited for experienced LabVIEW developers (i.e. CLAs).  This presentation demonstrates the capabilities of the Project Provider framework and discusses how Add-on developers can get started with it.


Important Note:  The Project Provider Framework is not officially supported, and may be lacking in quality and documentation.  The only documentation for it exists in the Project Providers community group, and it is community supported only. While NI has no plans to modify or break the existing APIs, there is no guarantee that all features will work in future versions of LabVIEW. Please use at your own risk.


Please review the attached presentation for more information on this feature.  There is also a short video showing off some of the functionality on the Dev Center Blog.  If you’re interested in learning more about this framework, please visit the LabVIEW Project Providers group on the NI Community.