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Runtime License

Hi All,

This topic continues my previous efforts to implement a run-time license in a LabVIEW library. I am using TPLAT advanced mode for licensing. I went through the resources I found, however, I am still struggling with ease-of-use part. There are two main issues I am facing right now:

1. TPLAT uses four DLLs  (Keylib32.dll, Keylib32.dll, Skca32.dll and Skca32.dll). These DLLs are not automatically included when I attempt to create executable and neither can I include them from project - they are not in any folder in project explorer (see picture). I found a workaround for this - you can add them to project manually, but it has to be done in every distribution and later kept with application in the same folder. It is very inconvenient for user to do this.


2. License file (file.lf) which is used for licensing, needs to be installed on the system, which uses run-time license. File should be located in C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\Partners (or similar depending on system). This forces either user to copy license file manually into this folder, or me to create installer for this file, which user has to launch before toolkit usage.  

Is there any better way to do this? In TPLAT examples, there are license checks, activation and other stuff using TPLAT API, but I found no pretty way to deal with these additional files. Any suggestion will be most welcome. 

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