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Labview Connectivity or Labview Object Oriented Programming First

Dear All,

     I wanted to inquire , which is better to do first before the other , Labview Connectivity course or labviewObject Oriented porgamming course first ?

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LVOOP after you've read an introductory text on OO programming (or if you're familiar with OO languages). That course's value, in my opinion, is in explaining how LV uniquely exposes OOP features and where the language's constraints are.

Connectivity if you need to work with an OPC database (or any other external APIs explicitly addressed in the syllabus) in your next project. Otherwise it carries little general-purpose value, again in my opinion, that can't be gained from reading the LV Help file.

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so basically for the connectivity course , i cannot just gain it from help , taking it will add some value to how to communicate with other platforms

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I would say that it depends on your learning needs. From an instructional/dependency perspective, there is no specific benefit to taking one before the other.

The OO Design and Programming in LabVIEW  course has more of a software design flavor, whereas the Connectivity course is more about the different features around extending LabVIEW functionality.

If you are more interested in expanding your knowledge of software design in LabVIEW or how to use LabVIEW classes, then I would encourage taking the OO course first.

As David mentioned, if you have specific interest in (or if your projects require) any of the features discussed in the LabVIEW Connectivity course syllabus, then I would suggest taking that course first.

Scott Romine
Course Development Engineer
National Instruments
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