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Why two module IDs in cloneable module requests

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When creating a new request for a cloneable module it looks something like this:




The module ID can be wired from the payload as well as from the Mod Admin? Whats the reason of having both? I guess they should match as in the EHL the module ID is checked?

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There are two scenarios for a message to arrive at the MHL case of a cloneable module:


1. It's addressed to the clone itself

2. It's addressed to all clones (-1)


The module admin always gives you the ID of the clone, no matter what. The payload gives you information on if the message was addressed to the specific clone (Module ID = Clone ID) or to all clones (Module ID = -1).


Note: When in doubt, always use the module admin to access the clone ID!


Hope that helps!

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Ah, now its so obvious. Thanks.

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