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how can I load my Graph from Labview to Diadem

I am a Labview and Diadem beginner. I did some measurment mit Labview(7.1)
now I want to analyze my Graph with Diadem. Because it has many optioans to do this analysis.(curve analysis)
but i couldnt get my graph from labview. i make an array, than i save it.
although i have examples of labview, i didnt understand.
could you please help me?
and send an simple example..
thank you very much
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This can be achieved by simply porting the information to DIAdem from LabvIEW.  You can truly just copy the graph and paste it into DIAdem but rather you
must take the data and put it into DIAdem and then analyse and graph it.

You should hopefully have the DIAdem LV Connectivity Toolkit installed.  This is free if you don't have it.

Here is an example that may help:




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You can either from Labview on your graph when you right click then selct export to DIADEM.

Or you could load your array of data into diadem or make an TDMS file and load the TDMS file into DIADEM.


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