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TTL format bus log conversion

Hi there,

I have started using the TTL converter new to Diadem 2023 and is very good for CAN dbc and LIN ldf databases, but I cannot seem to load a flexray XML . I receive the error below, can anybody help ?




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Anybody from the Diadem development team can help ?

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Hi adek, 

Maybe I could provide some ideas about this case. 

I have seen a similar error message (Error -1074384511) using NI-XNET Database Editor when opening a FIBEX Plus File. 
Is that the case also for you? Do you get a similar error message when trying to load this file in the Database Editor? 



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Hi Oscar

I received the same error when I try to convert, I can load the XML file into the converter ,but receive the error only when I attempt to convert




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Hi Adek, 


do you have an example file to reproduce this issue? The message you attach is coming from DIAdem, but have you tried to open the file using XNET-Database Editor?



If this file is a FIBEX-Plus Format, it is not supported by our XNET driver, and it might not be compatible with the Bus Log Converter tool. In order to use this database you should convert it into some official ASAM Standard, otherwise, you might not handle that file with NI XNET or DIAdem.


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Hi Oscar,

I was hoping the new TTL format bus importer would work without any additional steps, With Vector tools I can add any CAN, LIN or Flexray database and view signals directly without any complication ( and perform analysis which is the basis for the tools) , but Diadem has many more analysis tools, hence why i use it. But if I have to spend time modifying databases just so i can use the tool, it defeats the point of using the tool. Can there not be an in house solution ? the VW databases are updated frequently and the task of modifying the database each time I need to analyse data would be very unproductive.

Let me know if there is an easier solution .


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Hi Oscar,

I download the Database editor, but couldn't load a file due to driver issues, recommended download of the full NI-XNET sw tool which I have no licence for.

Diadem is a analysis tool for me , the team have provided a direct TTL import, I therefore only want to import the test file to analyse the result.


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