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Sampling DAQ channels at different rates

Trying to see if I can save some money here.


Potentially I can use a cDAQ with 1 slot and a NI-9208 Current input module. the problem with this is, its only got the ability for 500 S/s and that is spread across all 16 channels. 


I only need to use 10 channels. So that is 50 Hz max rate.


Is it possible, in Diadem, to set it so that I can sample 2 of the channels faster? For example, set 2 channels to record at 100 Hz each then divide the remaining over the other 8? 


How would the recording be handled? I guess it would have to produce 2 separate save files? Could it all be saved to one file?

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Hi AlexMason,


Yes, in general this should be possible. In the end it is always depending on the hardware, but in your case, it should word as shown in the example. You just need to replace the random blocks with two NI-DAQmx driver blocks.




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Thanks Walter, 


I will take a look and see if it will work for me

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