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S03 or S04 - output data of Diadem 9.1


maybe a very silly question from an inexperienced user:


- until now we always got a S03 data file after closing the experiment.


- now, a student was working at the system, with the consequence that we obtain  S04 data files always.


We are neither able to reset to S03 nor do we recognize any difference during evaluation.


What is the difference between S03 and S04?


Where can I find information about it?   (The "Help" does not help.)


Thank you for answers.

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Hi Josef,


DIAdem does not natively export to a data file format with the extensions *.S03 or *.S04.  Can you describe the product or the program or the application that the student runs which creates these files?


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer
National Instruments

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Hi Josef,


these S03 or S04 files are written by DIAdem DAC and they contain the binary data in single precision for a specific system clock.

If the DAC scheme is changed the numbering could change.




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Hi Josef,


If you are creating the *.S03 and *.S04 data files with DIAdem-DAC, are you saying that DIAdem suddenly no longer loads the TDM file that is the header file for these binary files?  You would never try to load the binary files from DIAdem-DAC directly, you would instead load the the corresponding TDM header file.  Please confirm that it is DIAdem-DAC that creates these *.S03 and *.S04 binary files and describe for us what happens when you try to load the corresponding TDM file into DIAdem.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Thank you for your helpful response.

Can you tell us under which conditions (in the dac) the .S04 files will be created, and under which conditions the .S03 files will be created.

We tried the demo program "storedat.dac" provided by NI, and it produces .S04 files always.


Thank you for your help in advance!


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Dear Brad:


thank you for your response.

But there is a misunderstanding in that way that we addressed the files produced during data acquisition.

We got another hint by member "DIAdemo" saying that it depends on the .dac scheme. Please see our response

just posted.

Maybe you can help us in addition.


Thank you


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Hi Josef,


the numbers in S03 or S04 are the result of internal sorting by the DIAdem-DAC kernel.

You can't influence this process directly.

If the DAC scheme stays unchanged, the number will always be the same.



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Hi Josef,


Please answer the question.  What happens when you load the *.TDM file that DIAdem-DAC creates as the header file for these *.S03 and *.S04 binary files?  They should all have the same file name and be in the same folder, just with different file extensions.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Hi Brad,

there is no .TDM file created by the .dac file. All the header informations are stored in a .DAT file.

The name of this .DAT file is always the same as the name of the binary files and they are all located in the same folder.

Now i append a .zip file with three .dac files and one data file for input. Maybe you can try it on one of your systems. We use Diadem Version 9.1

"storedat.dac" is the demo file included in Diadem 9.1. It creates three signals and stores them into a file named "storedat".

I get three files "storedat.W03", "storedat.D03" and "storedat.DAT". I think .W03 means Word16 and .D03 means Real64. .DAT is the header file.

"storedac1.dac" is also the demo file with two changes.
Two signal blocks are clocked with a seperate clock block.
The signals are then syncronized with a signal copy block and stored in the file "storedat".

Now i get two files "storedat.D03" and "storedat.DAT". Maybe the signal copy block converts everything to Real64 and we need no file for Word16 format.

"storedac2.dac" has a third change.

I read one channel from the external data file "idat.dat" and mix it with the other signals.

Now i get also two files. "storedat.D04" and "storedat.dat". Maybe the same reason as with "storedac1.dac" but why .D04 (also Real64) and not .D03.

It looks like "DIAdemo" writes: Changing the .dac file can change the extension of the resulting data files. But maybe you can explain me the
reason therefore.


Thank you again


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Hi again,


this means it is not possible to say which changes in the .dac file leads to the other extension?

As we use some Matlab tools for anylyzing our data we had problems with this changing extension.

Now we get all the informations from the header file and this works for both.

But maybe Brad has an explanation therefor.


Thank you again for your help


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