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How do I import an Excel file into DIAdem

I'm trying to evaluate DIAdem with the demo version and want to import an Excel file into the data window but am not having much success in trying to figure out how to do it.
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To import excel into DIAdem you must do the following. Go to
Windows->Close All
Settings->GPI-DLL Registration
Click the Add button and choose the "gfsexcel.dll"

DIAdem will now restart.

Now when you go to the DATA area and go to File -> Open and choose the "Excel" Filter in in the drop down box and then browse for the excel file to open. This should then open the "Excel Import" wizard and allow you to import the Excel file if you cohoose the correct import parameters.

If you need additional info please specify.
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The instructions given by Super Fly are very good, you may need the attached file to have the Excel-import DLL available though (this works for Version 7 of DIAdem, Version 8 has the DLL build in and will install it during installation).

Otmar D. Foehner
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how do i import date and time from excel to DIAdem? What do i have to do in "import Wizard" inoder to achieve this?
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Hi Sado,

When you select which excel file to read, the import wizard generates a preview of the data. On step 2, click on the column header that corresponds to date/time column in your spread sheet, and then click Date/Time under the channel data format options at the top right. If your data is in a row, you will need to go to step 1 of the wizard and select the Transpose option before going to step 2.

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