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Error No 11 - Invalid File Format

I've found a few topics with this error, but no solutions that seemed relevant. I'm trying to open a TDM file I've been working on for a few months and it's no longer importing. It says the TDM file is 0KB, but the TDX file is 100MB. Can someone help me recover this file?

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Hi TamerZero,


The TDM file contains the meta data and the description of how the data are stored in the TDX file. If the TDM has a size of 0 byte, then there is no information of the TDX file stored.

If you exactly know the structure of your original file you can try to reconstruct the TDM file by creating the channels and channel groups in the Dataportal with dummy channels and save that with the original file name in a different folder. Then take the original TDX file and replace the new TDX file. But it no guaranty that this will work.




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Thanks for the suggestion. That method did not work, it only caused DIAdem to crash when I tried to plot the files.


Does NI have an official method to re-create a TDM file?

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Hi TamerZero,


If there is no description about the structure of the TDX file, then I don’t see any option to load the data – I am sorry.




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  • Does it contain lots of channels or only a few?
  • What did you edit
  • Check if your windows has a previous version
  • What did you change during work on the file, just meta or also the channel content?

Do you have any old copy that might contain the TDM header?

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