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DIAdem 10 PDF Export problems

when I export my report in to PDF I get always lines in it which I never see in DIAdem-Report and the problem I did never have with 9.1
The lines are always at TextObject's but not all and not all sides.
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Hi Thomas,

The Text Object in DIAdem REPORT often prints its grid or outline lines weird.  If you have strict printing requirements, I would recommend moving away from using that object and substituting regular textbox objects or 2D table objects instead.

Brad Turpin
DIAdem Product Support Engineer
National Instruments


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to set them transparent does solve this problem as well.


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I am not able to use Diadem PDF export it keeps on showing following error

windows shows following error message


i am using Diadem 10.2

is there any key in registry where  i can go and activate the printer directly or do i need to reinstall the printer program

can anyone help me out of this.
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Hi coolguru,

This is what you need to do to reset the DIAdem PDF Printer:

0. Close all instances of DIAdem on that computer

1. Delete the DIAdem PDF printer from the list of printers in the Printers dialog (Start Menu>>Settings>>Printers and Faxes)

2. Start RegEdit and browse to the key 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\National Instruments\DIAdem\Shared'

3. Delete the variables 'GUID' and 'PDF Version' from this registry key

4. Start DIAdem with Administrative privileges on that computer

Let us know how this works for you,
Brad Turpin
DIAdem Product Support Engineer
National Instruments

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It is not still working

till it is showing

Printer not activated Error Code 30
is there any way to activate it  
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I have Diadem 11.1 on XP 64 SP2 with admin privileges and receive "Printer not activated Error Code 30" from the PDF Export. I looked in RegEdit and did not find 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\National Instruments\DIAdem\Shared' or the variables 'GUID' or 'PDF Version' that are mentioned for the Diadem 10 PDF Export solution.


Please advise what variables I should delete from the registry key or what I need to do to solve this problem.




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Hello Debbie,


DIAdem 11.1 is not tested for XP 64. DIAdem 11.1 with service pack 1 is supporting the following OS: XP-32, VISTA-32/64 and W7-32/64. DIAdem 11.1 without SP1 can have problems with PDF on the 64 bit OS. These problems are fixed with the service pack.


So you can try to install the service pack 1 of DIAdem 11.1, maybe it helps on XP-64, too.


Link to the DIAdem 11.1 SP1:


English version:

English version with DAC:

German version:




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Hi Walter,


This solved the problems on XP-64. Your assistance is very appreciated.






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I also get the "Printer Not Activated, Error Code - 30" error.  I have a few old reports that I haven't had a chance to get working in DIAdem 2010 so I run them in DIAdem 11.1.  When I go back and forth between the two versions I receive the error and have to follow Brad's above instructions.

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