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How to change the sampling rate on a linear encoder (counter) in DAQExpress?

Hi ,


I am using DAQExpress 5.1 and I have connected a quadrature linear encoder to a NI USB-6210. I have created a counter task and I can view the position of the linear encoder live as well as capturing the position and exporting to a .CSV file.


However, the sampling rate of the encoder position is quite slow (10 Hz or 0.1s) and I would like to increase that sampling rate to something around 100Hz or even higher.


I have looked at the timing options and I have unchecked Auto manage timing, but I cannot find where I can increase the sampling frequency? The only option I have if Software timing and I cant find any parameters to modify.



Thanks for your help





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I am facing same issue. Have you solved it ?

Is there anyone that can help with ?


I want to read and record position encoder with 50KHZ sampling rate or at least higher than 10HZ.

Currently there is no options for linear position encoder.


Thank you


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