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Unit 2 - Fundamentals


This unit provides a more in depth overview of the LabVIEW programming environment. Starting with SubVIs we will move into two important loop architectures. We will also get a first glimpse of memory in LabVIEW followed by arrays. Minor exercises will also be provided at the end for practice along with solution snippets.

Table of Contents

Unit 2 - Lesson 1 TP.pngLesson 1 -  In this lesson we talk about how to create SubVIs including features such as the icon editor. Formula nodes are also discussed.
Unit 2 - Lesson 2 TP.pngLesson 2 - In this lesson we talk about the two main loop architectures in LabVIEW, while loops and for loops. We also discuss how to print data to graphs and charts. 
Unit 2 - Table Page.pngLesson 3 - In this lesson we bulid on the previous lesson by adding shift registers to our loops.
Unit 2 - Lesson 4 TP.pngLesson 4 - In this lesson we talk about how to create and manipulate arrays. We also go over auto-indexing with for loops.

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Unit 3 - Case Structures