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LabVIEW "How-To" Video Clips

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Ed Doering

ECE Department

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology



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LabVIEW "How-To" Video Clips



This searchable site contains over 50 short video clips to illustrate how to accomplish specific tasks in LabVIEW. The tips focus on frequently-used tasks and helpful time savers.



The entry-point to the searchable site is


The direct link to each video clip is available below:

TOPIC: Time savers and keyboard shortcuts
Replace the default numerical control with a pointer slider
Make a .zip archive of the entire LabVIEW project
Print front panel and block diagram with hidden frames
Use hexadecimal format for front-panel controls and block diagram constants
Set the upper and lower limits of a slider control
Set logarithmic mapping for a slider control that spans a large numerical range
Set the window size of a front panel, especially for a subVI
Set the default values for the front-panel controls
Set the default values for the inputs of a subVI
Set the datatype and initial value of a feedback node
Select a pushbutton style of mechanical action for a Boolean control
Automatically run a VI when it is opened
Replace a node or subVI from a related palette without any rewiring
Remove all broken wires in the block diagram with Ctrl+B
Use "Quick Drop" (Ctrl+Space) to quickly find nodes and subVIs by name
Place a while-loop structure and create a front-panel "stop" control
Place a Boolean constant
Center the block diagram window on objects of interest
Create a multi-input logic gate (more than two inputs)

Move multiple objects while preserving their relative orientation
Insert extra space in a crowded area of the block diagram
Configure a for-loop structure with early exit using the "Conditional Terminal"
Determine the datatype of a wire using the "Context Help" window
Determine the meaning of a broken wire with "Context Help" window
Create an indicator at the output terminal of a node or subVI
Create an icon for a subVI
Create a front-panel control at the input terminal of a node or subVI
Create a fixed-size array control for FPGA-targeted VIs
Create a fixed-size array constant for FPGA-targeted VIs
Create equally-spaced objects
Create a constant at the input terminal of a node or subVI
Create a connector pane for a subVI
Create a free text label to document your code
Copy objects with and without alignment
Compress the spacing between objects to zero
"Comment-out" a section of block diagram code
Clean up a wire on the block diagram
Clean up a section of the block diagram automatically
Choose a larger font for a front-panel VI title

Change a while-loop structure condition to "Continue if True"
Change a front-panel indicator to a control
Change the direction of a feedback node
Change the datatype of a constant
Change a front-panel control to an indicator
Change a front-panel control to a constant
Use a range of values for a given case-structure subdiagram selector