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Introduction to Signal Processing through Music (Connexions)

Musical Signal Processing with LabVIEW

Instructor: Ed Doering

Institution: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Course Number: ECE 481

"Musical Signal Processing with LabVIEW" is a multimedia educational resource for students and faculty that augments traditional DSP courses and supports dedicated courses in music synthesis and audio signal processing. Each of the learning modules blends video, text, sound clips, and LabVIEW virtual instruments (VIs) into explanation of theory and concepts, demonstration of LabVIEW implementation techniques to transform theory into working systems, and hands-on guided project activities. Screencasts -- videos captured directly from the computer screen with audio narration and a hallmark of this resource -- use a mixture of hand-drawn text, animations, and video of the LabVIEW tool in operation to provide a visually rich learning environment


LabVIEW Programming Techniques for Audio Signal Processing

Introduction to Audio and Musical Signals

Analog Synthesis and Modular Synthesizers

MIDI for Synthesis and Algorithm Control

Tremolo and Vibrato Effects (Low-Frequency Modulation)

Modulation Synthesis

Additive Synthesis

Subtractive Synthesis

Sound Spatialization and Reverberation

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