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Note on using the Example Program Submission Template: This template is designed to ease the process of uploading course material to the Courseware Community. The use of the template is optional, and you may choose to use your own format or upload materials as attachments instead. All authors, regardless of format used for uploading, will be considered for publication.

Contact Information



Email Address (optional):

Example Program Information


<insert title here and update title of document above toolbar>


<if available, insert an screenshot of the example program or image of the program in action>


<insert a brief description of your course and where this example program fits in>

Instructor's Notes:

<insert any notes that an instructor might need before using the example program - ex: notes about hidden code, code caveats, etc.>


<describe the teaching objectives of the example code>

System Requirements:

<detail software required to run the example program>

Code Instructions:

<Insert a detailed description of how the code is best run/utilized. You may instead include these instructions within the code itself. procedure as an attachment. Screenshots and videos may help to demonstrate code use.>


<insert any notes on expected solutions/outcomes/conclusions>


<Select the check box next to the language your document is written in under "Categories" below>

Attachments (if applicable)

<Attach any example code, PDF files, or other relevant material in the "Attach Files" box below. Multiple attachments are allowed.>


Hassan Atassi
Senior Group Manager, Digital Support