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strange error: gpib error when using DAQmx


I try to out put a single puls using a counter on a PCI-6602 Board with the attached LabVIEW code.

Strangely I get  the following error message:

"Error 3 occurred at an unidentified location

Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW:  Internal error. Wrong memory zone accessed.
NI-488:  GPIB Controller not addressed correctly."

Why do I get an GPIB-Error, although I don't even use a GPIB-Card?

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The problem is coming from the simple error handler.
The Simple Error Handler cannot decide if plots error + warnings, or only errors.

You cannot put your enumerator to the simple error handler, it works only with the general error handler.
In your program you are giving to the simple error handler a number 3 as error code. The VI convert this error number 3 with the error GPIB you received.

You should so replace the Simple Error with the General Error

Best regards
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If I pass error code 3 to either the simple error handler or the general error handler, the exact same message is generated. As the message shows, error 3 can have 2 possible reasons. Since there is no GPIB involved, there is no reason to think that one of the possible reasons is the one about the controller not addressed correctly.
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