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How do you generate pulse output from compact RIO modules


I need to generate a single pulse output using a compact RIO system.

The pulse will go to a valve driver board to send a pulse to open or close a valve.

The pulse length should be variable between 10ms to 200ms and also have the option to hold it on for up to 60 minutes.


I currently use compact fieldpoint and a counter module cFP-CTR-500 which works well fo my application but need to do the same in Compact RIO.

The modules I have in the system are:

NI9476 Digital output

NI9265 Analog output

NI9425 Digital Input

NI9205 Analog Input


I am using the expansion racks NI9148 to hold the module and this is driven direct from the network and no controller is used.


I do not have FPGA so not sure what the best way to do this is.


I guess I could have one compact fieldpoint rack and the 500 counter module but would like to keep it in RIO if possible.


Any ideas.

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