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LabVIEW CLI Jenkins Plugin



for those who use Jenkins with the NI LabVIEW CLI we have created a plugin that allows the user to configure a buildjob directly in Jenkins without knowledge of the command line commands. The plugin can record and visualize the issues/warnings the results from the VI Analyzer task. Different LabVIEW installations can be managed and it is pipeline compatible.

Analyzer WarningsAnalyzer WarningsStep configurationStep configuration


The plugin currently supports the following steps:

  • Build
  • VI Analyzer
  • Mass Compile
  • Run a VI
  • Close LabVIEW
  • Change Revision and Debug Flag

We have plans to add a step to define Conditional Disable Symbols before building.


It can be downloaded free of charge from

We would love to have feedback from you


Automate LabVIEW builds easy with Jenkins Plugin
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Dear Kubes,


Thanks for this great plugin !


I have the following question, in one of my jobs, I got the error :

Error code : -350000
Error message : LabVIEW CLI: (Hex 0xFFFAA8D0) The CLI for LabVIEW failed to establish a connection with LabVIEW. Ensure LabVIEW is running with VI server enabled on the correct port number. To enable VI server in LabVIEW, select "Tools>>Options>>VI Server" and enable the "TCP/IP" checkbox. If the port number under "TCP/IP" is not 3363, you must specify the port number using the "-PortNumber" argument. 
An error occurred while running the LabVIEW CLI

Every two attempts, I solved using  the plugin:

Do you know a cleaner way to avoid the timeout error? I also tried to change the configuration file of Labview CLI and follow the best practices described here but without any success...


Best regards,



Tech Lead - CLA

Fluxim AG


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