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Structured Error Handler Library

As of today, the latest version 2.0.6 is posted to Dev Zone and the web page is updated with new documentation.  This version contains a few enhancements from the previously posted version:

1.  A re-designed UI for the Specific Error Handler configuration and a few new options.

2.  A communication mechanism for transmitting errors from specific error handlers to a central error handler that includes priority and filtering (counting and discarding duplicates).

3.  A template for a central error handler.

4.  A version optimized for real-time applications (or any other application where performance is more important than functionality).

This version differs only slightly from the other 2.0.x versions a few of you recieved from me via email.  The main difference is better documentation.


There are two other differences in this new version which may cause some confusion:

1.  I used VI Package Manager rather than my previous installer to create the distribution.  The main reason for this choice is because VIPM allows me to create separate palette sets for RT and Windows.

2.  I changed the name of the library to Structured Error Handler (from Specific Error Handler) to reflect the increased scope.  The SEH acroymn remains the same, which could cause a bit of confusion.


Please provide any feedback on this forum, and I hope you find the new enhancements useful.


Ryan King

Senior Systems Engineer

National Instruments

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For those of you attending NI Week, I'll be giving presentations titled Advanced Error Handling in LabVIEW on Monday and Tuesday that will cover some of the new functionality in the library.  The Monday (Alliance Day) version may also preview some things to come.

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Installation of the VIP fails due to a dependancy on ni_lib_gxml.  Can you provide this VIP?



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Hi Ryan,

Any chance that you will post your SEH presentations from NIWeek?


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Just installed it using VIPM but I get a "Unable to view properties" error when I try to open the express VI


I'm using LV2010 SPI1


Edit: Its working now, I thought VIPM also installed GXML, but apparantly..... it didn't 😛

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Error handling presentation from NI Week slides attached.


You can find the error cluster constant that I demoed here:

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Terrific, thank you very much! Anne

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I think this tool will be very helpful.  I'm having trouble using it in one scenario though.  I'm trying to configure the specific error handler to recognize negative error codes and can't get it to work properly.  Are negative error codes (i.e. VISA framing error -1073807253) supported? 

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Negative error codes are certainly supposed to be supported, although they sometimes get a little odd when you put them in a range (it works, but you have to get the whitespace right).  Could you give me a bit more detail about what you're seeing?  Maybe a simple example VI?



Ryan King

Systems Engineer

National Instruments

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