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Spawning Multiple Viewer UIs

When acquiring data, LabVIEW programmers often want to spawn multiple instances of a data viewer UI, perhaps to view individual acquired signals in more detail.


The attached example illustrates how to use a DQMH Cloneable Module to spawn viewer UIs in a scalable way.



Most of the functionality required for spawning reentrant instances, showing/hiding panels, and shutting down cleanly, is already available in DQMH with no extra work. For this example, the only DQMH-related change required was to add a new Request VI to the module to pass the data to be displayed.


This example is saved in LabVIEW 2016 and requires DQMH 6.1 or later to be installed. DQMH is a free LabVIEW framework available on here. To get started learning DQMH, follow the DQMH Quick Learning Path available here.